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As working mom’s in this day and age we face many challenges of balancing the two parts of ourselves; the woman we are at home and the woman we are in the world. We often feel so much pressure because we want to be everything to our children and never disappoint them or let them down. At the same time we know we need to give our all to our jobs to earn a living and to excel at our profession. For me being a mother was the first thing I ever did that I knew was right. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and although it is the hardest job I have ever had it is the most beautiful and authentic experience ever. At the same time I LOVE my work as a speaker, coach and author.

I mean I LOVE it!

I searched for so long to find my thing and nothing ever felt right. I had basically given up on having a career that I loved. Now that I have it, I refuse to let it go and I know I have to work really hard at mastering my craft and helping as many people as possible. But for me as I really dive in to my work I am so torn because I have to make compromises and sacrifices with my family. I cannot attend every school function or be home every night. I know logically that in the long run this is great for my two girls because I am modeling for them how to be a great mom and have work that you love. But as we all know it doesn’t make it any easier. There is this scene is Sarah Jessica Parker’s movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” when she says (I’m paraphrasing) “They say kids grow out of separation anxiety when they are 18 months, but for moms it lasts a lifetime.” The narration says this as she leaves her home for a business trip and walks down the street balling. So I am calling to all of the working mamas of the world to unite in solidarity that it is okay to want both to be a great mom and a great professional and it will all work itself out. Let’s try to stay strong when we feel the tugging on our heart strings. I try to remind myself that I am the best for my children when I am loving all parts of myself.

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