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Am I Worthy of Success? January 31, 2014

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Do you question whether you are really worthy of success & abundance?

Do you battle with self-esteem & a fraud complex?

I felt this way a lot in the past because I often felt like an outsider growing up. I internalized a lot of self-worth issues because I didn’t feel accepted.

If you can relate to this, watch this episode of CeliaTV NOW to learn the tools that I used to transform my self-worth and to step into the greatness that was always there inside of me.

P.S. If you are a female coach, and interested in working 1:1 with me in the Super Fly Program, click here.

14 Responses to “Am I Worthy of Success?”

  1. kristine  Says:

    Celia, you are so amazing! Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    Hi Kristine!

    So great to hear from you! You are such a bright light and am I am honored to have you in my community.

  3. Clare  Says:

    It is a wonderful video with an important message.

  4. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    Thanks Clare! I am so glad that the video resonated with you, your support is so appreciated.

  5. regan  Says:

    How amazing! Beautiful words and things to think about. I am inspired!

  6. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    Thanks for your support Regan! I am so grateful that the video spoke to you.

  7. Queenie  Says:

    Worthiness, is such an important topic. It something that we must examine from level to level. Great work Celia.

  8. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    Thanks Queenie! Yes, worthiness is something we all struggle with and have to keep at every day. Luckily, there are amazing coaches in the world like you helping people step into their greatness!

  9. Patricia Garza  Says:

    Thanks for this Celia! Great tips!

  10. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    Thanks Patricia for your sweet feedback!

  11. Manal  Says:

    A quick dose of CeliaTV is a great way to start the morning. Better than a morning cup of coffee…you are energizing and encouraging. The messages you share will uplift me during my workday and remind me to focus on my unique purpose on this planet. Thanks for all that you do.

  12. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    Manal I am so grateful for your continual support! So happy you enjoyed the video and that it is of service to you. Much Love! xx

  13. Adam  Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful information. Also, I think the exercise you suggest is really great. Here is my response :
    Physical: my size and strength make me feel powerful.
    Spiritually: I believe, I really believe, in the natural good in everyone.
    Mentally: I am a strategic thinker that readily accept the change.

  14. Celia Ward-Wallace  Says:

    What a fantastic response Adam, I love your positive thoughts 🙂

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