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Permission Granted: Be BIG, BOLD, LOUD, POWERFUL and a BOSS! November 15, 2016

This week has been pretty crazy to say the least hasn’t it?!

I literally was in the sky flying back from my sold out Sacred CEO Women’s Leadership Retreat in Tulum, Mexico celebrating while simultaneous watching in despair as the election results rolled in. 

Talk about a dance between gratitude and grief!

One moment I am champagne toasting with my partners Lindsay and Elena and the next I am literally sick to my stomach and can’t wait to get off the plane. 

As much as I wanted to stay in celebration, the CALL in my spirit to rise was so freaking loud it was all that I could hear. 

I know you heard it too, didn’t you?

I heard loud and clear, “Now is the time to break out of the box. Now is the time to rise. No longer can you live in fear, play small, stay quiet, work hard, be good and just pray for a better world. Now is your time to find your true north. Find your truth. And speak it. Act it. And be it.”

Whoa! This is BIG!

What amazed me was this was the message that came through the week prior in Tulum as 20 Sacred CEO women sat in circle shedding all limitation and speaking their truth. 

I was so fired up in preacher mode and I challenged them to remember the sacred contract they made for this lifetime. 

I asked them…

“Why are you here?”

“What is your mission?”

“What was your deal to do in this life?”

“And what the hell is stopping you?”

Know what they said?

I have been told my whole life…

“I am too powerful!”

“I am too whiny!”

“I am too talkative!”

“I am too controlling!”

“I am too loud!”

“I am too talented!”

“I take up too much space!”

“I am too big!”

“I am too bold!”

“I am too threatening!”

One by one they yelled out getting louder and louder with sheer joy in the collective experience. 

For we thought we were alone.

In our silence, we silenced ourselves.

We isolated ourselves. 

We accepted this as our truth. 

We gave ourselves permission to stay in fear and to play small.

Can you relate to this?

Which statements have you been told or internally oppressed yourself with?

My favorite weapons of self-destruction have been telling myself “I am too powerful and take up too much space,” both statements which were told to me by those I love and then repeated to myself over and over again over the years.

Well, those days are over!

Now is the time and I am not playing small anymore. 

Now I rise. 

Now I shine.

Now I show up in my truth, knowing who I am and what I am here for, reporting for duty. 

Here is your permission to be BIG, BOLD, LOUD, POWERFUL and a BOSS!

The world needs our strength, our vision, our gifts and our leadership.

It also needs our love, our compassion, our tolerance and peacemaking.

We have what the world needs now and together we can bring forth the world we want for the generations to come. 

Are you with me?

Ready to take the lead?

I’ve got you.

Let’s do it together, arm in arm. 

In Solidarity, Love and Light,


P.S. If this message resonates with you, come hang with me in the Empowering Women Every Day Community.

One Response to “Permission Granted: Be BIG, BOLD, LOUD, POWERFUL and a BOSS!”

  1. Lillian Carson  Says:

    Hi Celia,
    I totally agree with your selections. It’s important that we support organizations that will represent and fight for us. I am giving a donation to Planned Parenthood in lieu of Hanukah gifts for my granddaughters.
    Another worthy organization is Border Angels. They offer aid to those crossing the border with water, blankets etc.
    These donations help to empower us. Passivity breeds helplessness. Activity breeds hope.
    With love,

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