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4 Ways to Stop Trump Now! January 31, 2017

Hello friends,

This is not business as usual.

We are living in a time of both darkness and light.

Trump and his team are actively implementing executive orders based on hate, discrimination and white supremacy.

Simultaneously, the world is waking up, taking action and uniting in ways we have never seen before.

While this is a scary moment, we MUST take action now to fight back for inclusion, equality, compassion and humanity.

This is not a sit and wait moment.

This is not a “I need to focus on myself” moment.

This is not a “sign a petition” moment.

This is a drop what you are doing moment.

This is a pick up the phone and make calls moment.

This is a get out in the streets and demonstrate moment.

Do not allow yourself to belief Trump and his team are stupid and don’t know what they are doing.

They know exactly what they are doing and they are banking on us living in fear, chaos and immobilization.

But today is the day we have been waiting for – time to rise up and resist!

We MUST stand behind our values and our people.

We MUST take action.

We MUST fight back – in every way we can.

Are you fired up?

Are you angry?

Let’s take action now.


1. CALL CONGRESS TODAY – Reject Trump’s Muslim Ban and No Vote on Tillerson as Secretary of State

Last week, Donald Trump signed an executive order beginning his Muslim ban. Tonight, the Senate could vote in Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State—even though he’s refused to condemn the idea of a Muslim registry and has been silent on the Muslim ban. We have to do whatever we can to stop or slow this man from becoming Secretary of State, where he would oversee the ban’s implementation.

***Make sure to ask for the Articles of Impeachment to be filed***

Find your local Senator’s Office phone number here

Here is a list of all US Senator’s positions on the Muslim Ban

Here is contact information, by state and airport, for organizations helping those affected by the immigration ban

2. DIVEST YOUR FUNDS from Banks Supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline

Here are names of CEOs and other bank executives involved in funding the Dakota Access pipeline—along with their phone numbers and email addresses. The first 17 banks are directly funding the Dakota Access pipeline. The rest of these banks are offering credit lines to its parent companies: Sunoco Logistics, Energy Transfer Partners, and Energy Transfer Equity.

Find the list of banks to divest your funds from here


Find the full list of companies to boycott here

4. SEND MONEY to the Organizations Fighting for Justice for All

Here are 13 Organizations to Send Money to Now

I hope that these 4 Ways to Stop Trump have activated you – we need your leadership now!

P.S. If you are Pro-Trump, Pro-Muslim Ban, Pro-Wall, Pro-White Supremacy, Anti-Woman, Anti-LGBTQIA or if my view points offend you I invite you to unfriend/unfollow me and/or leave our community.

My calling in the world is to inspire, empower and activate the masses to make social change to positively impact humanity. While I will continue to post content and videos on my favorite topics of spirituality, self-care, entrepreneurism, community building, leadership and activism I will also use my platform and privilege to organize my tribe. If this resonates with you then stay tuned, if not now is the time to unfriend/unfollow me and/or leave our community. <3

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