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Exactly How I Got on ABC7 Eyewitness News with Ellen Leyva and Coleen Sullivan January 13, 2017

***Celebrate with me! I killed it Wednesday on my segment with ABC7 Eyewitness News with Ellen Leyva and Coleen Sullivan!***

I was prepared, polished and ready for the opportunity. As they say, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – I guess I am feeling pretty lucky so far in 2017.
And now for the play by play…
I drove to the ABC7 Eyewitness News studio in Glendale, CA. I was greeted at the door and taken to hair and makeup to freshen up (although they told me to come camera ready). Then they took me into the studio where Ellen and Coleen were already in the midst of the 3pm news. They gave me a microphone and told me to go sit at the table next to them.
Now, this was the coolest part for me – the ladies were so gracious and nice to me. They immediately welcomed me, asked me about my work, talked through our segment and reminded me to sit up tall and keep my shoulders back to look my best on camera. They complimented me on my blazer and said they were excited to work with me on the segment. Now, keep in mind I have done many TV segments and many of the hosts have been really unfriendly and disinterested. I have always taken this as a reminder of what “not” to do when I am in the same position. Treating others with kindness, respect and equality has always been a core value of mine. So, receiving such a warm welcome from the ladies impressed me and immediately put me at ease.
Next we discussed the segment outline (which I prepared and gave to the executive producer before hand). I told them that 3 minutes was super short, so after timing myself I realized we needed to cut a lot out and keep the segment short and sweet to which they happily agreed for me to take the lead.
Then they stepped away to film the weather segment and came back to the desk. It was now SHOWTIME!
I wasn’t nervous, honestly as you know communication is my gift and I can give advice on just about any topic – so I was ready to go!
Lights, camera, action – and it was over in 3 minutes!
As soon as we wrapped, the ladies started raving telling me how great I was, that they wanted me back and that I was a natural. It was super sweet of them and again an impressive gesture towards compassion and collaboration. A great example of how women can lead and support each other.
Now here is a key piece to this story – I knew this was a big opportunity to build a relationship. If they liked me I could come back time and time again in the future. So I brought copies of my book, personally inscribed for the anchors and producers. I told them to read my book and when they did, they would see all of the topics I could come back to speak about. The producer also told me if I ever have any idea for a segment that is timely and relevant to pitch it to her as they are always looking for content.
This was a great example of why it is important to think through your intention and strategy when you are given opportunities like this one. What do they need and want that is aligned with what you have to give and desire as well?
They wanted great inspiring content and I wanted increased visibility to spread my light and message to the masses.
Now this is another key strategic move. The morning of the segment, I followed the anchors and producers on Twitter and began tweeting about the show. I knew that I wanted to continue a conversation with them afterwards and also wanted to show that I can add value to them through social media promotion.
So the crazy part is that literally before I could get in my car and leave the parking lot, Ellen Leyva began tweeting about my book and our segment on Twitter! I mean it must have literally been while she was still filming the news! Another validation that my intention and strategy were aligned and effective!
So, I hope that this play by play inspires you and shows you what is possible. I am no different than you. I am someone who is using her life experiences to help others going through the same thing. I continue to step into my gifts courageously, authentically and vulnerably with faith that I am aligned to my purpose to serve humanity with my life. You are too and can do anything you desire to do.
Keep moving forward in an intentional and meaningful way.
Let sprit be your guide.
Trust that everything is unfolding in divine timing.
Know that you are worthy just because you were born.
Step into the greatness that is your birthright and lives within you.
You don’t have to hustle to have, do or be anything, you are perfect exactly where you are as you are now.
Just start believing in yourself and aligning your life to your divine destiny.
If you ever need support I am here and have your back.
And now, if you would like to watch the ABC7 Eyewitness News segment in full, here it is:
Thank you for your love and support – it means so much to me!
<3 <3 <
P.S. If you are wondering how they found and booked me in the first place – I will take credit for that! For the past 5 years building my business I have consistently pushed myself to consistently turn my tests into testimony and share my journey with others. I’ve written posts, blogs and books. I’ve recorded youtube videos, live streams and webinars. I’ve worked with 1,000’s of people who then tell others about me. I’ve put in the 10,000 hours and now when people are looking for someone like me, they can find me and see exactly who I am. I stand out for being myself. I stand out for speaking the truth. And you can too. <3

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