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ABC7 Eyewitness News Appearance: How to Fall in Love with Yourself March 21, 2017

Check me out on ABC7 Eyewitness News for my latest appearance discussing “How to Fall in Love with Yourself.”

Watch the video here:

***Celebrate with me! I used the news to amplify MY MESSAGE of Self-Love!***

Once again I showed up on TV polished, professional, authentic and aligned – doing it MY way, spreading MY message which is a rare thing to pull off these days!

Here is the back story…

After my last segment on the news, I followed up with the executive producer and pitched 50 topics I would love to share with the ABC7 Eyewitness News audience.

All of the topics were aligned both with MY vision and message but still spun in a way that would be a good fit for a 3 minute news segment for the masses.

For a while I didn’t hear back…but I stayed in faith that mass media is a part of my destiny and continued creating my own work.

Finally the executive producer contacted me apologizing for the delay due to the presidential inauguration, and asked me to come in to host a segment for Valentine’s Day.

The producers suggested the two topics of:
1. How to getting in the dating game
2. How to best cope on this holiday or any holiday if you are single and find yourself feeling lonely

But I was not in love with either one!

They didn’t feel aligned or resonant for me or the women in my community. I wanted the message to be about empowerment, self-love and spirituality.

What was I to do?

So, here is the important part for those of you considering doing TV work…

I could have just gone along with what they wanted.

But I didn’t want to – I felt like I would have been a puppet and sell out to my own work.

So again I returned to asking myself, “how can I make this a win-win and provide compelling evidence that a different topic would be better?”

The answer was clear – turn to my community and find out what they wanted to know about in relation to finding love.

Overwhelmingly, the responses were all about the importance of learning to love yourself before finding love with someone else.


-“I’d suggest a non-victim route. This woe is me on V-Day skews toward women and putting them in a box of only being fulfilled with a man….. I resent that. Women rock 365 days a year and V-Day is no different.”

– “How about celebrating being single for a change? You don’t have to be a couple to be happy. Matter of fact, couples would be more successful if each individual had learned how to be single and happy.”

– “How to be the love knowing you will attract what you are.”

– “What about talking about having them focus on themselves, honoring themselves, taking themselves out on a date or creating an experience for themselves that feeds their souls and boosts self-love?”

– “How being single is really such a fun and beautiful adventure and how Valentines day becomes a day of sisterhood because love comes in all different forms.”

YES, YES, AMEN to ALL of this!

THIS is the message I wanted to amplify and send out into the world.

So I sent the producer a reply email saying I surveyed my community of thousands of women and overwhelmingly they wanted to learn “How to Fall In Love With Yourself!”

***Now, here is a key additional step***

I prepared a signature 5-step framework for the segment that I would teach on the topic and included that in the email to the producer as well as associated questions the news anchors could ask me.

I basically produced the segment from beginning to end!

Which was fine with me, because now the segment was MY message, done MY way.

Immediately the producer replied she loved all of it and we were confirmed for the actual Valentine’s Day!

Woo hoo!

Now as you will see in the video I slayed the segment and the rest is history!

***If you are still reading at this point I will assume you like getting all the details, so here is one more key piece to the story that was a HUGE validation from the Universe that I was on point!

As I left the studio, I hopped on the phone with my husband Joe to find out what he thought of the segment. My business line rang and I thought it might be someone from the studio calling me so I picked up.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello, Celia? This is Loretta. I was just watching you on the news and I went to your website and then googled you to find your number. I loved everything you said so much I had to let you know. I was trying to write it all down – but I forgot what ‘Step 5’ was. Can you remind me?”

“Be of Service to Others,” I said.

“Oh, yes! Of course, that is such an important step! Celia this 5-step plan is EXACTLY what I needed to learn today. I am going to implement all of them in my life and I know my life is going to change for the better. And when it starts shifting I am going to call you back and sign up for one of those great classes you offer.”

Blown away and touched so deeply, I replied, “Wow, thank you Loretta, this means so much to hear! Please let me know how I can continue to support you on your path. Email me the details of your situation and I can make further recommendations of free resources I have to help you.”

To which, she replied and threw in one more sign of deep resonance, “One more thing…Celia I just wanted you to know how beautiful you looked. I loved your pink jacket and lipstick, you looked so pretty.”

Wow, just wow!

A BIG sign of rapid affirmation that I was fully aligned with my path + purpose!

So, that’s it folks.

My latest story in my journey to continue to live my mission to inspire, empower and activate the masses to step into their power, find their purpose and lead the world forward in positive transformation.

May this story remind you of the power in your own story. In every mess there is a message that others need to hear.

Now more than ever we need to share our life experiences, perspectives and journeys.

Stay true to yourself, your values and your mission – as you do the Universe will begin to conspire for your highest good and the highest good of others!

Sending you BIG love and gratitude for always supporting me unconditionally in such a loyal and loving way – I am sending all of that and more back to you continuously!

P.S. My next pitch will be for an International Women’s Day segment on March 8th. What specific topic do you think I should speak on for that day? I would love your input as the last segment was completely co-created with my community

You can watch the full V-Day segment here:

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