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Empowering Women Every Day

The Empowering Women Every Day Community


The Empowering Women Every Day community is an inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive group of women dedicated to empowering over 1,000,000 women globally to live a fulfilling and purposeful life of self-love, community and contribution. This positive, inspirational, content driven women’s community is focused on staying connected, encouraging each other and sharing our wisdom and life experience while expanding the Empowering Women Every Day movement. We have live and virtual events and we would LOVE for you contribute you thoughts, feedback, inspiration and stories. Together we can EMPOWER each other to change our lives for the better and then change the world! Keep in mind this is a support group and not a place to promote your business. This is not a networking, entrepreneur, or profit making group. I look forward to connecting with you all!

Women’s Night Out Workshop


I started the Women’s Night Out Workshop series in Los Angeles as a way to build a supportive and non-competitive community of powerful, dynamic, creative, loving and service-minded women.

The quarterly workshop is an evening full of networking, socializing, personal and professional development. Each night we work on a theme and dive into group discussions as well as one-on-one discussions. At the end of the evening we work with our accountability partners to create a 90-day goal action plan. Most evenings culminate with an after party at a nearby location. The events have been electrifying and have brought together some of the most diverse and wonderful women in LA. Some of the women are executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, life coaches and mothers. They come for their interest in community, networking, development, fellowship, life coach training and socializing. We invite you to join us for an upcoming Women’s Night Out Workshop, and to become part for the Empowering Women Every Day community. Together we can empower over 1,000,000 women worldwide to live a purposeful life, full of self-love, community and contribution.


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