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Media Training

Media Training/Brand Messaging

Celia is a talented media trainer who has worked with CEO’s, founders, executives and celebrities at ORLY, Sparitual, Promax Nutrition, Purebar and others to infuse soul, authenticity and meaning behind their message. Celia teaches clients how to put their best self forward whether they are making television appearances, speaking with journalists and media, presenting to shareholders or developing brand messaging, slogans and tag lines. Celia specializes in training for media, presentation, public speaking and interview coaching.

Areas of Focus:

  • Key Messaging Point Development
  • Delivery and Performance Skills
  • Neurophysiology
  • Presentation Skills & Presentation Ideas
  • Public Speaking
  • Over-coming the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Brand Message Development
  • Authenticity & Simplicity of Messages
  • Hair, Make-Up and Clothing Recommendations
  • Body Language

Celia helps clients overcome their fear of public speaking and empowers them with the confidence to speak with ease and comfort. She provides numerous exercises and techniques to unveil the simple and concise key points which help guide all of her media training clients to success in their ventures. Celia has a gift of translation; an ability to teach effective communication and the skill to transform her clients lives. Her media training and brand-messaging program has three components: message and key point development, successful delivery techniques and methods and the neurophysiology of activating a state of calm and confidence before speaking.

Celia prepares you for every media opportunity facing you and your company. She helps you to prepare the best talking points to effectively communicate your message to the broadest audience possible and develop them in advance so you are prepared for every exciting opportunity when they arise!

Celia’s goal is to teach you with tools and techniques to feel confident, comfortable and relaxed in every interview, meeting and public appearance and teach you how to control the sound bites that are used by the media to represent you and/or your company. To find out more about Media Training and Brand Messaging click here for FAQ’s.

Generally, the sessions are either one-on-one or with small groups and are highly tailored to fit the needs, challenges and desires of the client. Each client will develop their talking points with Celia and practice them in mock interviews on and off camera as well as practice relaxation and centering techniques to effectively be able to trigger a relaxed state of mind on demand. Each program is personalized and can be created to fit your needs.

To learn more about Media Training and Brand Messaging contact Celia at (213) 260-0633. Celia is the Premier Media Trainer and Brand Development Consultant serving Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco (SF), California (CA) Miami, D.C., New York (NYC) and all across the United States (USA), Canada and Worldwide.

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